CCD Chairperson's Update: June 2012

News from the CCD Annual General Meeting

CCD Has New Executive

At the Annual General Meeting (AGM) held in Winnipeg on 9 June 2012, the Council of Canadians with Disabilities elected a new Executive Committee:

•  Tony Dolan, Chairperson
•  Pat Danforth, 1st Vice Chair
•  Steve Estey, 2nd Vice Chair
•  Marc Workman, Secretary
•  Anne McPhee, Treasurer
•  Carmela Hutchison, Member at Large on Executive Committee

Committee Chairs

The CCD Council reappointed the following Committee chairs and co-chairs:

• Pat Danforth: Transportation Committee
• Steve Estey: International Development Committee
• Marie White: Social Policy Committee
• Dean Richert and Anne Levesque: Human Rights Committee
• Dean Richert and Rhonda Wiebe: Ending of Life Ethics Committee
• John Rae and Gary Birch: Access to Technology Committee

CCD Recognizes Leaders

During the Annual Meeting, Tony Dolan announced the following recipients of this year’s CCD Awards:

• Johanna Johnson, nominated by BCCPD
• Marlin Styner, nominated by ACCD
• Gayle Dixon, nominated by SK Voice
• Colleen Watters, nominated by MLPD
• Pierre-Yves Lévesque, nominated by COPHAN
• Louise Gillis, nominated by NS-LEO
• Peter Doucette, nominated by the PEI Council of People with Disabilities
• Leanne Gallant, nominated by the CAD
• Laurence Parent, nominated by the DAWN-RAFH Canada
• Eugène Leblanc, nominated by the NNMH
• Dominic Sigouin, nominated by TVAC
• Sylvain Bergeron, nominated by People First of Canada
• Christine Kelly and Erica Carson, nominated by CWD – O
• Sharlyn Ayotte, nominated by AEBC
• Karen Hollett, nominated by NWT Disabilities Council.