CCD Chairperson's Update - July 2014

The major activity which took place during the month of July was the preparation of CCD's response to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance.  The Committee invited Canadians to share their priorities for the 2015 Federal Budget.  CCD's Social Policy Committee directed the development of CCD's submission to the Finance Committee.

In its submission, CCD urged the Federal Government to use its powers to improve the lives of persons with disabilities.

CCD called upon the Canadian Government to:

  • Use tax and other measures to reduce the poverty of persons with disabilities.
  • Use its legislative and regulatory powers to ensure that persons with disabilities are included fully in Canadian programs and services.
  • Collaborate with the P/T on labour market strategies and broad social policy initiatives to address the needs of persons with disabilities.

CCD reminded the Federal Government that CRPD implementation can be the basis of collaborative Federal/Provincial/Territorial policy development.