CCD refers to its Board of Directors as the National Council of Representatives. The National Council of Representatives elects the CCD Executive Committee. The current CCD Executive Committee includes:

  • Chairperson: Heather Walkus
  • 1st Vice Chairperson: Ingrid Palmer
  • 2nd Vice Chairperson: Tracy Odell
  • Secretary: Ian Young
  • Treasurer: Nicole Diakite
  • Member-at-Large on Executive: Fran Odette

Executive Committee Biographies


The National Council of Representatives:

  • (DABC)
  • Margot Brunner (ACCD)
  • Robin East (Barrier Free Saskatchewan)
  • Alan Levy (MLPD)
  • Tracy Odell (CWDO)
  • (COPHAN)
  • Deborah Wood Salter (PEI Council)
  • Shaun Clark (NSLEO)
  • Nancy Reid (COD - NL)
  • Denise McKee (NWTDC)
  • Frank Folino (CAD)
  • Leslie Yee (CCB)
  • Janet Hunt (National Coalition of People who use Guide and Service Dogs)
  • Katja Newman (NEADS)
  • Ellen Cohen (NNMH)
  • Gregor Wolbring (TVAC)
  • Ian Young (Member-at-Large on Council)
  • Alan Bridgeman (Member-at-Large on Council)
  • Ingrid Palmer (Member-at-Large on Council)
  • Fran Odette (Member-at-Large on Council)
  • Marjorie Aunos (Member-at-Large on Council)
  • Noah Papatsie (Member-at-Large on Council)



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