Disability is one of the intended results of a military campaign using landmines, because disabling people puts more stress on a nation than killing people. Landmines cause countless death, disability, disease, and displacements. Appalled by the human and socio-economic impact of landmines, the international community of persons with disabilities joined the campaign to ban landmines.

In 1996, then Foreign Affairs Minister, the Hon. Lloyd Axworthy began the Ottawa Process to create an international treaty banning landmines. CCD's International Development Committee played an integral part in the Foreign Affairs conference on landmines, which was held in Winnipeg on January 31, 1997. The Hon. Lloyd Axworthy invited Henry Enns, a past Chair of the CCD International Development Committee, to be the Chairperson for the conference session on survivors' issues. Irene Feika and Steve Estey, CCD International Development Committee volunteers, also addressed the conference. CCD's objective was to ensure that the needs of landmine survivors, people with disabilities, became a central focus in all work on landmines.

CCD is a member of Mines Action Canada.