Steven Brien Estey, age 60, of Dartmouth Nova Scotia, passed away at the Dartmouth General Hospital on Monday, September 11th, 2023

Steve has left us too soon, but not before making an indelible mark on his family, his friends, and the disability community which he tirelessly served. Steve was well known for so many things, but his eloquence, his sense of humour and his calm manner all drew a wide range of people to him, and resulted in many lifelong and important friendships.

Chairperson's Update July-August 2023

Barriers don’t take time off for the summer.  During July and August, the CCD team addressed a number of issues impacting the disability community.  In this Update, we share information about some key activities.

Increasing Economic Integration for Canadians With Disabilities

Heather Walkus and Michael Prince discuss the integration and success of people with disabilities and Deaf people in the future economy of Canada. They use the ideas of social inclusion, economic security, human rights and social justice to suggest that success is a diverse set of quality of life experiences.  Read the full op-ed by Heather and Michael in The Future Economy.

Reporting the sudden passing of Margot Brunner, Executive Director of Voice of Albertans with Disabilities and beloved CCD Council Member

It is with great sadness that April and I are letting you know about the passing of Margot Brunner, the Executive Director of Voice of Albertans with Disabilities (VAD) and member of the CCD Council.

Margot offered immense knowledge and expertise in a variety of fields. From health care to education and social services, she enabled VAD to offer an elevated level of support to those facing complex societal barriers and push Alberta forward on removing these barriers.

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