Annual Report: 2002-2003

How fast this year has gone - and what a busy year for all involved.

We all LIVE under the same SKY! WE all LIVE under the same LAW!

(April 28, 2000) — An able-bodied person murders an able-bodied person...


is cried from the rooftops!

An able-bodied person murders

a disabled person...

Mercy killing?

is whispered in the streets.

Murdering of Disabled Citizens

cannot be condoned!

The Tracy Fund has been set up to ensure that the Council of Canadians with Disabilities can speak out on cases where people with disabilities have been murdered. Support us by sending a donation to the Tracy Fund.

The Bell in Hadamar

by Fred Ford

[13 April 2001]

The Toll Mounts: Another Child Killed

(26 March 2001) — Chelsea Craig, a 14 year old Point Claire, Quebec high school student with disabilities has been killed and her mother is being accused of the crime. Prior to her death, Chelsea attended Lindsay Place high school. In the Montreal Gazette, Darelene Berringer, director of Giant Steps school in Westmount said, "For us, [Chelsea] was a delightful child who wanted to learn and develop and grow and was open to all kinds of new things. Our eyes light up when we think of her." (Montreal Gazette, 21 March 2001)

Responding to Concerns

(February 2, 2001) — On 18 January 2001, the Supreme Court of Canada denied Robert Latimer's appeal and Robert Latimer turned himself over to the correction's system.

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