Moving Backwards: Canada's State of Transportation Accessibility in an International Context

Final Report to the Council Of Canadians With Disabilities

Researcher: DAVID BAKER

February, 2005
(With Postscript current to January, 2005)


David Baker gratefully acknowledges the contribution of his assistant Harmony Johnson, without whose research and assistance in scheduling his international travel this work would not have been possible.



Annual Report: 2004-2005

The past year, 2004-05 was filled with challenges, opportunities and some setbacks. The CCD volunteers met each of these with tenacity. CCD's motto is "A VOICE OF OUR OWN", which means we, consumers with disabilities, speak out on issues of concern to grassroots people with disabilities. CCD prioritizes self-representational work, legal interventions and law reform and knowledge development. Each of these different areas represents a unique way to speak out on the issues of persons with disabilities.

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