Canadians with Disabilities Promote National Disability Supports Fund

For Immediate Release

May 31, 2004

Advocacy associations of persons with disabilities, parent organizations and service organizations have come together and agreed that investment in disability supports is the priority of the disability community.

The Council of Canadians with Disabilities (CCD), a national cross disability advocacy organization of persons with disabilities, is making candidates running in the Federal election aware of the importance of disability supports in the lives of persons with disabilities. Without access to disability supports it becomes very difficult for people with disabilities to live dignified and independent lives.

"Disability supports are any good or service which assists a person with a disability in overcoming barriers to carrying out every day activities. They are critical to our social and economic participation," explains Marie White, Chairperson of CCD.

CCD is seeking a long-term commitment from government to improve the provision of disability related supports. First steps toward a national disability supports fund would involve federal investment and a transfer of funds to the provincial and territorial governments.

"Many of the complaints to the Canadian Human Rights Commission involve a failure to provide people with disabilities disability related supports," states Linda Stiles, a member of CCD's National Council of Representatives.

"Lack of disability-related supports means isolation and prohibits economic and social participation," states Barbara Anello, a member of CCD's National Council of Representatives.

Disability related supports are the foundation of equal citizenship for persons with disabilities in our country.

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For More Information Contact:

Marie White CCD Chairperson (709) 739-8233
Laurie Beachell, CCD National Coordinator (204) 947-0303