Sharon Carstairs and Bill S-2

(26 November 1999) — On 13 October 1999, Bill S-2, "An Act to facilitate the making of legitimate medical decisions regarding life-sustaining treatments and the controlling of pain" had first reading in the Senate. The Honorable Senator Sharon Carstairs sponsored this Bill.

A Voice Unheard: The Latimer Case and People with Disabilities

(18 November 1999) — This new book on the Latimer case is the first to be written by a woman with disabilities, resulting from polio and glaucoma; so the perspective offered is unique and challenges the ableist assumptions presented by most mainstream treatments of this case. The 176 page work is based upon analysis of court documents, media material, and extensive interviews with disability activists from across Canada.

Don't get depressed in Oregon

By Susan Martinuk

(3 March 1999) — This article is reprinted from the National Post, March 1, 1999

Two basic tenets that underlie arguments to legalize euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide are an individual's right to self-determination and the easy establishment of safeguards to regulate these practices.

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