Euthanasia/Assisted Suicide

CCD is committed to the principles of self-determination and the positive promotion of the image of Canadians with disabilities in society in a manner that is consistent with the principles of equality, personal security, freedom of conscience and human dignity.

CCD believes that the devaluation of the lives and experiences of persons with disabilities has been used to justify acts of violence against people with disabilities, including the murder of people with disabilities.

CCD opposes actions that may serve to further devalue the lives of people with disabilities in Canada or promote the negative stereotypes about people with disabilities as suffering individuals in need of state regulated assistance to end our lives.

CCD opposes any government action which denies people with disabilities their constitutional rights to equality, personal security, and human dignity.

CCD is committed to actions which promote a positive image of persons with disabilities.

CCD opposes government action to decriminalize assisted suicide because of the serious potential for abuse and the negative image of people with disabilities that would be produced if people with disabilities are killed with state sanction. (Policy statement passed by the CCD National Council of Representatives on June 8, 1996.)