Media Advisory: CCD Available to Comment on "Mary Kills People"

January 25, 2016 For Immediate Release

Global TV will present a six-episode series called “Mary Kills People” beginning January 25 at 9 p.m. The series, which was picked up by Lifetime in the United States, revolves around the fictional Dr. Mary Harris. According to Global TV, Harris is “an ER doctor who maintains a sideline within the hospital as an ‘angel of death,’ working outside the boundaries of the law to help terminally ill patients end their lives so they can go out on their own terms.”

CCD is worried that celebrating a euthanasia doctor as the hero of the drama is meant to portray euthanasia as a desirable response to disability and terminal illness, and is nothing short of propaganda. We are also especially concerned that "Mary Kills People" will advance the “better dead than disabled” message that is so common in fictional portrayals of euthanasia and assisted suicide, such as “Me Before You,” and “Million Dollar Baby.”

On January 26, 2016, CCD representatives will be available to talk to the media about how "Mary Kills People" portrays people with disabilities and euthanasia and whether the program violates the CRTC’s Equitable Portrayal Code.


For an interview contact:

Amy Hasbrouck,
Toujours Vivant Not Dead Yet, a project of CCD
Tel: 450-921-3057

James Hicks,
CCD National Coordinator
Tel: 613-620-3605