Canadians with Disabilities Dismayed by BC Court Approval of Assisted Suicide

15 June 2012

For Immediate Release

Today, the Supreme Court of British Columbia handed down its decision in the Carter case, opening the door for assisted suicide in Canada.  Justice Lynn Smith found that the “provisions of the Criminal Code of Canada prohibiting physician–assisted dying, unjustifiably infringe the equality rights of Gloria Taylor, and the rights to life, liberty and security of the person of Gloria Taylor, Lee Carter and Hollis Johnson.”

Canadians with disabilities are disappointed by the Judge’s decision.  There is a concern that vulnerable people will be put at risk if the Criminal Code provisions against assisted suicide are struck down.  The Council of Canadians with Disabilities (CCD) urges the Government of Canada to appeal this decision. 

Canadians who are concerned with this decision should write the Minister of Justice and encourage an appeal of this decision to the Supreme Court.  Before any law is changed the interests of vulnerable persons including people with disabilities must be addressed. 


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