Questions for You to Ask Federal Election Candidates (Access, Inclusion and Participation)

Access, Inclusion and Participation

Will your party commit to improving access and inclusion of people with disabilities, particularly women and girls with disabilities and others facing multiple forms of discrimination, by:

  • Creating new access regulations for federally-regulated transportation systems, telecommunications and the National Building Code? (CRPD Article 4, 9.) 
  • Expanding funding through the Social Development Partnerships Program – Disability Component to strengthen the capacity of the disability sector to build national partnerships and leadership on inclusion, access and participation? (CRPD Article 29, 33) 
  • Re-establishing the Court Challenges Program for equality rights test case litigation? (CRPD Article 5, 13)
  • Giving ASL/LSQ official language status? (CRPD Article 2, 21)
  • Increasing the capacity of people with disabilities, families and caregivers to meet disability-related, respite and palliative needs? (CRPD Article 19)

Inform Candidates about Access Barriers

People with disabilities who receive only some or none of the help they need with everyday activities are more likely (24.8% and 35.8%, respectively) to have a low income than people with disabilities who do not need or receive any help (16.8%). Only 18.5% of people with disabilities living in low-income households reported receiving all of the support they need with everyday activities. (Disabling Poverty, Enabling Citizenship)