ACCDs Campaign For Barrier Free Health and Medical Services in Alberta


Through the years, the Alberta Committee of Citizens with Disabilities has heard people with disabilities express frustration over barriers to health care in Alberta. Some experience physical barriers; others encounter communication barriers; and many feel they are not given enough time with their doctor to have their needs met. This is only a broad description of the barriers. Indeed, the issues are deeper and more complex.

ACCD has started an awareness campaign about the issues that people with disabilities experience when accessing health and medical services in Alberta. As a part of our awareness campaign, we prepared a four minutes video that explains in simple language the high importance of barrier-free health and medical services:

We kindly ask you to post this video on your websites, Facebook pages, etc. Further distribution of the video is welcomed. We need your help to ensure that Albertans with disabilities receive equitable access to medical and diagnostic health services. If you have any questions or comments regarding the ACCD campaign please contact Shafi Shafiuddin at or by phone 780-488-9088.

Bev Matthiessen, Executive Director
Alberta Committee of Citizens with Disabilities
106-10423 178 Street, Edmonton, AB T5S 1R5