Accessible Postal Service Is Our Goal

20 October 2014

For Immediate Release

An accessible and inclusive Canada is the goal of the Council of Canadians with Disabilities (CCD); accessible postal service is an integral component of a barrier-free Canada.

This week more Canadians will be losing door-to-door mail delivery.  Like other Canadians, people with disabilities will be looking for their mail at a community mailbox.  "Hopefully, only their mail will be waiting for them and not barriers which prevent them from using the mailbox in an accessible and dignified manner," stated Tony Dolan, CCD Chairperson.

CCD has been drawing Canada Post's attention to barriers (weather conditions, positioning of a box, design limitations) that may make it difficult or impossible for some people with disabilities to access a community mailbox.  Canada Post has a legal obligation to accommodate people with disabilities who will not be able to use the community mailbox in a dignified manner.

CCD has shared with Canada Post strategies for maintaining a barrier-free postal service.  "CCD has recommended that Canada Post continue door-to-door delivery but reduce the number of days per week that the service is offered," states Dolan.


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