Your Help Is Needed!

Following the Federal election of 2 May 2011, many freshman MPs will be heading to the House of Commons. Many of these new MPs will be unaware of the disability community’s National Action Plan and its recommendations for social policy reform. After an exhausting campaign, some veteran MPs may need a refresher course on the disability community’s expectations of them. CCD encourages everyone to contact their MP to remind them about the National Action Plan. The National Action Plan presents our recommendations for ending disability poverty, getting people with disabilities employed and developing an inclusive and accessible Canada.

What Do We Need You To Do?

  1. Ensure your local members are aware of the content of the Action Plan.
  2. Meet with your Member of Parliament to tell him or her about the Action Plan.

What are the key messages to be delivered?

  • Canadians with disabilities disproportionately live in poverty.
  • Canadians with disabilities lack basic disability related supports to participate in community life.
  • Canadians with disabilities want jobs, access to education, and the right to live where they choose.
  • Canadians with disabilities want the same opportunities and responsibilities as nondisabled Canadians.

Together We Can Build An Inclusive and Accessible Canada