Nortel Employees on Long Term Disability Benefits

25 May 2010



Dear Member of Parliament:

CCD has followed the story of Nortel Employees on Long Term Disability Benefits and what is happening to them as a result of Nortel’s bankruptcy. CCD is alarmed by the situation in which Nortel employees on LTD benefits find themselves. We are also concerned that many other Canadians on LTD at some point will find themselves in similar circumstances.

CCD urges all Members of Parliament to find ways of protecting the income and benefits of the Nortel employees on long term disability benefits and of also addressing the similar problems that many other Canadians may face in the future. The Nortel Employees on LTD describe their “insurance” as “toxic insurance” and we would agree that this maybe an apt description. We support Senator Eggleton’s Bill S-216 and urge all Members of Parliament and the Senate to find ways of ensuring the intent of this bill is realized as soon as possible. Bill S-216 is non-partisan and protects disabled Canadians.

Canadians who are in the labour force and who become disabled are worthy of better treatment and support than what has befallen the Nortel employees. We are all only an accident or health condition away from requiring insurance that will protect our earned income. All should remember that we are only “temporarily able-bodied”. Disability issues are issues for all Canadians and the current example of the Nortel Disabled Employees reinforces that.


National Chairperson